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Color Surface has now developed the most durable & abrasion resistant polished surfaces to be applied to concrete.  Our polishing process applies the same theory that the stone factories use in polishing granite and marble for flooring and countertops. In its essence we have found concrete surfaces that are completely polished to superior level of refinement have any incomparable level of abrasion resistance, durability and no signs of scuffs or smears. Our floors by not using the assistance of temporary fillers, resins or sealers have a true lasting durability that has been tested and benchmarked. How do we do it? Our process hardens & densifies the concrete similar to a granite or marble then the surface is polished up with three progressive levels of polishing refinement.

The end result is highly refined floor with lasting finish.  Just as you have little to no maintenance on a granite counter we put the same thinking into our premium polished floor.