Acid Stain Gives New Life To old Concrete

Acid Stain Header

Do you desire a beautiful, unique look for your floor? Whether you own a home that needs a stunning entryway or business with your logo imprinted, acid stain floors are a beautiful alternative to other flooring types.

So what exactly is an acid stain?

Acid staining is not paint or a coating agent; rather it is a coloring process. This process involves a chemical reaction on cementitous material. A solution made with water, acid and inorganic salts, reacts with minerals already present in the concrete, resulting in exquisite color. It works very well on new or old concrete, and we have seen impressive results over decorative polymer overlays as well as self-leveling products. Acid stain is a very durable product if properly protected with sealer or wax and may be applied to both interiors and exteriors.

What makes acid stain so attractive?

Acid stain gives concrete a mottled, variegated, marbled-like look. It creates beautiful colors on concrete, mostly earthy brown tones, reddish-browns and greens. You can also create your own shades by mixing and matching available colors, or applying them at different rates. Never expect acid stain to be uniform or even in tone, you’ll get different reactions from slab to slab, and even on the same job you may see contrasting coloration patterns. Cleaning is simple with acid stain floors, only a damp mop is required!